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Lee Gan Teo & Wong, Advocates & Solicitors (formerly known as Lee Azaara & Partners) was established by our founding partner, Mr Matthew Lee Ming Loong in year 2016. The firm then expanded to a larger scale when our partners, Mr Alex Gan and Mr Lex Teo joined the firm to form the litigation department of our firm in year 2018. Naturally with the joining of Mr Alex Gan & Mr Lex Teo, the firm has then changed its name to Lee Gan Teo & Wong (“LGTW“) in year 2018. The Firm then invites Mr YF Chan (YC) to join the partnership in 2019 to establish it’s branch office in Seremban to expand its horizons in the legal field.

LGTW is a multi-service law firm as the firm covers most of the regular areas of law in Malaysia. We are organized into 5 classes of practice namely, real estate, corporate, civil & criminal litigation, family law and the law of succession. The Firm has 3 departments to cover all 5 classes of practice namely, the Conveyancing Department and Corporate Department which are jointly managed by our Partners Mr Matthew Lee and Ms Carmen Wong, and the Litigation Department jointly managed by our Mr Alex Gan, Mr Lex Teo and Mr Chan. We are dedicated to provide solution-oriented legal services to our clients to aid our client in every situation that they encounter.

It is our motto that our client’s rights in every case shall be our top priority and that we shall endeavor to deliver the highest standard of legal service to our client.

“Your rights, Our priority”

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